Internship Work

My senior internship was at RF-SMART, a division of ICS, Inc. I worked 20 hours a week from Aug. 27-Dec. 16, 2015 in the corporate communications department. This is an impressive company and the people were very welcoming and professional.

The first few weeks of the internship was spent learning about the company and creating social media content under supervision. I would choose industry-related articles from printed and online publications and write a brief summary with the article link for Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. Each summary was tailored to the audience of these particular platforms. I scheduled all social media through Hootsuite, which is a helpful program to keep social media accounts organized. All article links were saved through the company’s account, providing analytics for article clicks. I ran a Twitter analytics report each month for the main purpose of finding the best times and content to post. This analysis helped to tweak scheduling to maximize impressions. After a few weeks, I was proficient enough at writing the content that my supervisor just needed to review and give second eyes on Fridays.

The sales and marketing team participated in three events during the semester in distant locations. I was able to sit in on planning meetings and learned the best way to schedule tasks from six months out down to two weeks after an event to get the best results from marketing efforts. I scheduled tweets ahead of time to simulate a real-time presence at the events. I was also able to promote our company’s participation in the events as well as interact with partner and customer companies attending. I helped with Prezis for each event as well.

I was able to write two blogs during the internship and work on drafts with my supervisor. I was given great insight and guidance on writing blogs that complemented the voice of previous blogs to make the website seamless.

One part of the internship that I learned was important for every member of the marketing team to do was lead generation lists. The marketing team sets annual goals on lead generation for the sales team. This was a great process to be a part of and see the tangible results of sales at the end of this year from leads generated from the communications department.

I will take away a stronger skill set in social media planning, content and promotion. I have also developed skills in event planning and email campaign content and management. I learned so much and I am grateful for the positive experience.